Fees & Charges

Management Fee: 10% (plus the initial set up fee of £150.00)

This charge is based on a percentage of the rental income and includes the following services:

  Providing on-call maintenance including E-mail facilities

  Monitor tenant payment

  Handling all home maintenance and instruction of professional work person(s) to carry out work as and when required(prior to confirmation is required by the landlord).

  Dealing with Tenant/Landlord queries

  Landlord feedback

  Account management

On going market analysis will be undertaken in order to execute rental increases as when necessary.

Some property management companies request long-term management contracts that cannot be cancelled and charge a flat rate per month. WE DO NOT operate in this way. We charge a percentage of the rental income; this is a strong motivator as it ensures that the rent level is kept at the current market rate.


We take pride in our company image and dynamic advertising strategy. Upon instruction your property will be marketed by the following means:

  Erecting a prominent Purple Estates board at the property

  Subscription to our innovative and advanced website

  Full photographic coverage if required

  Advertising in local press

  Full details sent out on our prospective mailing list

Alongside the above, our team of experienced representatives will ensure that every effort is made to satisfy the needs of both landlord and tenant respectively.

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